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Instruction in Physical Education and Health and Safety Education focuses upon personal wellness as its organizing theme.  The Physical Education instruction includes knowledge of the principles and practices of physical fitness, skill development in individual and team sports, planning of lifetime leisure and recreational participation, development of kinesthetic problem solving strategies.  The primary goal of the Health and Safety Education classes is to allow students to gain knowledge and develop positive attitudes and habits of sound decision making  about matters related to personal or community health needs.  Accordingly, the Physical Education Department has established the following proficiencies to be developed for all students: 


  • To acquire knowledge of rules and strategies of various team and individual sports that can be used in present and future leisure time pursuits.

  • To develop and practice positive habits and attitudes that contribute to one's social competency in the areas of cooperation, competition, and recognition of the fundamental worth of each individual including self.

  • Through the study of Health, to gain and apply knowledge of good health practices, principles of first aid and nutrition, and enhanced awareness of adult responsibilities as an individual, within relationships, and as a member of a family.

  • Through the study of Driver's Education, to demonstrate mastery of motor vehicle laws and proper driving attitudes and procedures.

  • Through completion of the Fitness Program, to learn and apply the basic principles of fitness, to appreciate the role of fitness activities within a commitment to personal wellness, and to identify personal fitness goals and to implement routines for their attainment.


By state and local regulations, students are required to complete successfully one year of Physical Education and Health and Safety Education for each year of enrollment in high school.  The required sequence of classes will also meet all state requirements for drug and alcohol education

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